Wilderness Way Adventures


Thank you so much for coming to teach me survival skills!  It was a dream come true.  It was tough but it was awesome.  I also felt that I received spiritual and mental benefits from the training.  Loved your exciting stories and hope we can do this again sometime.  —Ritchie Hammen
I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a summer class offered by WWA in conjunction with Pacific Union College. The classes offered were taught in a very professional manner with humor mixed in to keep it interesting. All of the instructors were patient, competent, and safety conscious while providing excellent one on one training with the students. One aspect of the course that I found beneficial was how the focus was placed on Jesus and His “rescue” of humanity. This was interjected into all aspects of the course and was visible in the lives of the instructors. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind living in a tent for more than a week. Thank you WWA for your dedication to quality outdoor/rescue education.  —Levi Gore
WWA is like no experience I had before in my entire life. I know when I heard the word “camping” I figured this class is going to be a breeze! I was completely incorrect! Since this was my first experience “camping” I just thought campfires, swimming in the lake, and hiking. Boy, I was wrong! I remember the first day of class when Mark (one of our instructors) said to us, “This class is meant for you to get you out of your comfort zone…and if we don’t then you have to tell us to make sure we do.” That’s a sentence I don’t think I have heard in my life. But it sure did motivate me through this whole course. My motto this trip was “Never pass up an opportunity!” It totally worked to my advantage! My friends on the trip who soon became my family, we had a ball together everywhere we went! We were the tourist from Angwin, CA. From waking up and heading to the campfires and listening to our amazing funny instructor Mike Lowe, then to Barbara (Mike’s wife) spectacular meals she cooks for us crazy kids, then heading to either the Animas River or to “X” Rock or just hanging around camp learning about survival techniques made my day definitely busy and exciting! Becoming a team with your fellow classmates and teachers and really learning to work together with every task Mike and Mark threw our way may sometimes be challenging and you feel as though you might want to give up, but you and always ask God for guidance, strength and wisdom and he will always be there for you in your hard times and your amazingly good times! This trip definitely helped me grow with God as a Daughter of Christ and really gave me an amazing outlook on how to really appreciate and love the things God blesses you with! Thank you Mike, Mark and Barbara because you 3 have shined God’s light this whole trip and never stop being his vessels for Him in spreading his word!  —Ari Duran
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