Wilderness Way Adventures

What We Offer

Wilderness Way Adventures is a faith-based, Christ-centered, non-profit, tax-exempt organization. We combine survival and spiritual training hoping and praying our students will love nature and Jesus even more than they do now. Hometown, tailor-made survival programs are available upon request throughout North America. Just let us know what, when, and where you’d like to schedule training and we’ll provide the instructor. It really is that simple!

Choose from the following skills to create a customized class for your group:

  • Prioritize the seven basic needs of a survivor – 1 hour
  • Build a foul weather fire using a “metal match” and wet wood – 2 hours
  • Make a fire using friction (bow drill, hand drill, fire plow, etc) – 4 hours
  • Signal rescue using mirrors, electronic devices, and natural materials – 1 hour
  • Construct a waterproof shelter using natural materials – 4 hours
  • Identify and eat seasonal, indigenous wild edible plants – 2 hours
  • Build traps, snares, and hunting weapons using natural materials – 4 hours
  • Locate and purify drinking water – 2 hours
  • Navigate using a map, compass, GPS, and natural aids – 4 hours
  • Make cordage using natural materials – 2 hours
  • Weave a fish basket trap using natural materials – 2 hours
  • Make a pit-fired bowl using clay – 2 hours (over two days)

Special Event Speakers

In addition to our outdoor training programs, instructors are also available as Special Event Speakers such as fund raisers, youth rallies, camp meetings, “week of prayer,” etc. Contact us at 970-560-0509 to schedule an instructor for your event.
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